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The Simplest Playback Controller Available


Announcing our newest product: IMAGECUE

In the production world, simple is better. In technical theatre, simple can be vital.

BMD in partnership with Adoline AV is now distributing a little box that is as simple as it is powerful. Introducing the ImageCue, a DMX-controlled content server that won’t break the bank.

Cueing scenic projections doesn’t come simpler than the ImageCue, an innovative playback device that is compact, reliable and powerful. ImageCue displays videos controlled by a DMX lighting console, eliminating the need of a computer to present cueable scenic projections content to the stage.

The innovative product is extremely fast, with videos able to be selected and played back in less than a quarter of a second. ImageCue also has several advanced features should users wish to draw on these. They include the option of full RGB mixing control of the background along with color mixing that can also be used in the foreground to tint the scenic projections. The server can also devamp looping videos, cross-fade still images and allows PNG title artwork files with transparency to be overlaid into images and videos.

The product is now available to purchase through Adoline (here) and for rent through BMD directly by calling 1-800-277-0343.

Plug and Play without Software!

ImageCue™ plugs directly into your existing lighting console, with only 12 control channels required. Easily cue scenic projection content through a memorized lighting cue. You don’t need to learn a new software program - if you can run a lightboard, you can run ImageCue!™ 

Customize Scenic Projection Content

ImageCue allows you to customize a scenic projection content rental with overlayed titles, changes to RGB colors, blending colors, and dimming video output. 


Easier than Cueing Software

Fast Cue Setup through Lightboard!

Controlled with any DMX512 Console

Only 12 Control Channels required

No complicated networking setup!

No software necessary!

Full HD (1920x1080) HDMI/DVI

Boots up in less than 5 seconds

No Windows or Mac splash screen

Smooth Dimming Control

RGB Color Mixing Effects

Rentals come pre-loaded with BMD scenic projections content


The product is available to rent pre-loaded with BMD’s scenic projection content for $100/week or $200/month. A separate content rental license is required, and all rental inquiries should be directed to BMD by calling 1-800-277-0343.

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